Bought first motorcycle, a Honda CB100, with help from mother.


Acted like a teenager who was pretty good on a bike, racing up and down with buddies on Lane Parkway in Shelbyville, sometimes even calling the police ourselves, just so we could outrun them. Got hooked on motorcycle jumping after watching Evel Knievel’s famous Caesar’s Palace jump.


Entered 9 Motocross races, winning one, coming in 3rd twice and coming in 5th in two other races. Racing not enough. Jumping was the passion.


First Jump in Lewisburg, Tennessee! Leased a 25 acre field and jumped 10 cars in front of 350 people. One month later we leased another field in Shelbyville, Tennessee and made 6 jumps, over 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 cars. This was the start of Earnie’s signature Progressive Style of jumping.


Jumped on the Fair Circuit for a while.


Worked as a Certified Level 2 Radiographer at the Enrico Ferme Nuclear Plant in Monroe, Michigan


No work – Did not ride for 3 years


Moved to Hollywood to pursue stunt work


Long Beach, Veterans Stadium, 181 1/2′ jump


Charlotte Motor Speedway Triple, 140,000 fans First motorcycle jumper to jump in the Tokyo Egg Dome, Japan, Major events, Houston Astrodome, Louisiana Superdome


First stunt work. Jumped a moving plane for the movie “Cartel”


Longest motorcycle jump ever attempted, 305 feet, cancelled because of bad conditions


Today Earnie Adams is back after many years of doing more important things. The son is now an owner-operator truck driver. Oldest daughter is a CPA supervisor. Baby girl is in med school with a Master’s in Bio-Med.

And they say I need to finish it.

So we’re here to finish… through twists and turns, we’re still on a journey… all ultimately leading up to the quintuple and 305′ jump.