I’ve always been characterized as a straight shooter, so I’ll get right to the point of my letter.

Why didn’t we jump 305 feet in 1996? Well, 40 mph wind gusts don’t really mix well with being 60 feet in the air, coming off a 4-story ramp at 92 miles per hour. Not committing suicide should always be reason enough, but for some reason, it never has been. (I’ll add that if you’re reading this letter now and feel different, I sincerely welcome your opinion and you can contact me).

Anyway, a few facts: any jump is dangerous. Many good motorcycle jumpers have been injured on short jumps. To access info on motorcycle jumpers worldwide, go to cyclejumpers.com. They have the info on past and present champions.

Have I mentioned that no one has ever jumped the Grand Canyon!

So, back to 1996 and the opportunity that now lies before us. We had to walk away quietly. But we’re now back to finish what we started. The 300 foot mark. 305 feet to be exact. We’ll do that with two large ramps, one motorcycle, one person. No parachute, no illusions, and no fertilizer if you know what I mean.

By the way, did I mention that nobody has ever jumped the Grand Canyon!

Before the 305′ mark, we will have to take some practice jumps. (It’s been 27 years since competitive jumping and five years since any serious riding!) Practice building up to the quintuple. That’s 5 launch ramps: jumps of 16-18-20-22-24 cars. That’s 100 cars in 18 seconds! These are several steps down the road.

So we did not put up this site to defend our credibility, we just wanted to state a few facts and let everyone know we’re back. With countless jumps, including the only triple ever done (Our answer to Junior’s Caesar’s Palace jump.) We merely want to bring these goals to fruition. We started talking about these jumps back in 89. And for the naysayers and the pessimists, this is America—she is 240 years young, and we’re a whole lot younger than that!

Finally, I would like to thank all of those who helped to do some pretty wild jumps over the years. I hope to thank you face to face again one day. God bless!

And, as you know, nobody has ever jumped the Grand Canyon!

Earnie Adams
August 31 2016